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Getting tips on the NRL is often like putting your hand in a lucky dip and getting either a great or not so good prize. Footy tipsters are everywhere on the internet, either looking for advice or wanting to give advice. Some of these tipsters are great, they make the right predictions and their wallets are rewarded for their efforts and it is these tipsters which you should try to listen to and hopefully take their advice.

There are websites which allow tipsters to enter their predictions for each game, the top tipsters are revealed as well as their odds. Follow one of these sites for a few weeks and keep a note of the names which continuously emerge onto the list. Otherwise there are plenty of professional footy tipsters which are able to give you advice. 3AW Breakfast’s Ross Stevenson was just announced the 2009 best footy tipster for the radio station and is proof that there are people out there who do really know what they are talking about. Then there are online bookmakers, which offer comprehensive betting markets with odds indicating who they think is likely to win each game. These companies employ sports analysts which are extremely knowledgeable in the NRL betting field.

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When using regular footy tipsters online, they should explain why they have chosen specific teams and odds. There should aslo be information the best bookmakers, how much they would stake and the expected match result. If you want to try to analyse the games yourself, below is a list of tips for punters to follow and hopefully you will be stuffing your wallet in no time!

Picking NRL Teams:

– Keep a record of the match results in each round of the game and write down how well each team played. Include their strengths, weaknesses, key players, injuries, defence/attack tactics.

– Remember that just because a team lost, it doesn’t mean that they are a weak team. When two leading teams go up against each other and one loses by a small margin, they are ultimately a lot stronger than some of the weaker teams which may have won because they were against an easier team.

– The statistics from each player, coach and referee need to be studied before each game to weigh up each team’s overall strengths and weaknesses. New players, injuries and missing key players definitely affect the outcome of the game.

– Past results are a great way to determine a team’s chances against another specific team and you can also study the team’s game pattern.

– Underdog teams are always interesting to bet on as they either play superbly or the complete opposite. If an underdog has won against a leading team the previous year, examine why and calculate the probability of it happening again. Either way, betting on the underdog team is probably the most fun you can have in NRL betting.

– Take a look at how many consecutive wins the team has had during the season. The more wins a team has, the more confident they are going to be and consequently the more scared the other team is going to be.

– As the end of the season approaches, a lot of the borderline teams will suddenly pick up their game as they realise it is their last chance to get into the finals.

– Does the team play better at their home ground or is it more influenced by the team they play? Check whether the teams from the south have problems playing in the north where the heat and humidity may affect their performance.

– Strong defence and attack tactics are a must for all good NRL teams and it is these teams which tend to come out on top compared to the other weaker teams.